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New Day

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Sunshine didn’t kissed our valley good morning until 8:43 today…the days are getting shorter & the sunlight more scarce…

“This new day is given to us uncluttered, fresh & clean. Yesterday’s troubles are in the past, tomorrow’s may never be seen…”

Coincidence is God’s way of Remaining Anonymo

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Last night we watched a 1940’s movie called ‘The Razor’s Edge’ – about a man back from the war (WWl) rejecting the norm of the world, that being working mainly for more & more material goods & comfort.  He  searches for a deeper meaning to life, which he discoverers in the mountaintops of the Himalayans…

Rather timely with my book coming out…there’s a saying: God is a little closer in the mountains.

Rev. Ed Nettleton says that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I just called a friend who is spending her free time with her husband & his dying sister.

I just let her know that I cared & that I was listening. She needed to talk, to tell what was important to her. She misses her normal life & feels guilty about that.

Listening may seem like doing nothing but actually it is the most fundamental and powerful skill we can have.

being healthy

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Yesterday my husband & I were bicycling around the lake & passed some 20 something guys up on the other side of the road. The cigarette smell drifted to us…thoughts…they should watch Patrick Swayze’s last interview with Barbara Walters as he speaks of the physical agony he went through with the cancer that was most likely caused by his cigarette smoking. Life is hard enough even when blessed with good health. It is no longer a secret that cigarette smoking is harmful & addictive. Amazing how some people think they are not going to be affected, the rules do not apply to them…

I still wonder sometimes how much longer my grandmother would have lived and how my children could have had a relationship with her if it were not for the diseases she acquired through cigarette smoking…

It feels so good to be able to be so physically active! Being as healthy as possible adds much more enjoyment to life than does puffing away.

I’m off to pack a picnic lunch this Saturday morning as we figure out where we want to hike.

What matters

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

The quote on my calendar today is from Elizabeth Dole: “When you’re in your 90’s & looking back, it’s not going to be how much money you made or how many awards you’ve won. It’s really what did you stand for. Did you make a positive difference for people?”

Climbing up 2,500 FT.

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Yesterday my husband & I climbed 2,500 feet up the side of a mountain and  much of our hike was steep and strenuous causing us to gasp for air, all to reach a place we have been to many times before. Why?

This is a reflective journey for us. I first remember hearing about Waterdog in one the Bruce’s many letters during the years before our marriage. (Once upon a time, before personal PC’s and cell phones, letter writing was the mode of regular communication between lovers)

However it is not the fast jeep ride of his pre-Julie days in getting to Waterdog that is inspiring but rather the arduous climb together that is reflective. One of my favorite parts of the climb is the aspen forest in the autumn. God’s Cathedral. Aspen leaves cover the forest floor like confetti. Trees are gently rocking in unison, creating a soft song and a visible pattern, as golden leaves touch each other against the bluest skies. I sit in awe each time we are up here, bending backward, looking upward, taking pictures, trying to take everything in – my husband now no where in sight, continues upward. I pick up leaves – very large bright yellow ones, some red with yellow veins and some just the opposite, some multicolored red, yellow and green and some bright orange or yellow with an orange tip. I show the more unusual ones to my husband. Bruce would later hand me a long ago used hornet’s nest and a delicious smelling piece of pine tree that had fallen off a branch.

Another favorite part of this hike is the view after the first forest: the colors of the aspen & the pine green at the foot of so many mountains that are seldom visible at that same time; Red Mountain, Crystal Peak and Uncompahgre’s distinctive shape against that blue blue sky is another blessing, another place to sit and be still…

In another forest on this journey the Aspen leaves are now much thicker, actually soft underfoot like a carpet.  We see wildlife up here which has eluded us in the past on this hike. We hear a new noise like an animal in distress and finally see two deer running out of the woods, a moment later a third one, smaller & crying for them to wait; not unlike older siblings taunting a younger one. Elk rush pass through the forest so near I feel the ground move.

I need to stop for a drink, for my pear, to rest, for another drink, for the half banana I hadn’t finished at breakfast, to join Bruce on a log, yes, I am VERY tired of walking! Thankfully Waterdog is closer than Bruce remembered. We are all alone as I expected we would be. We eat the picnic lunch I had prepared at 7:00 that morning. Food taste best outdoors in a pretty spot and Waterdog certainly provides that. We talk about coming up to Waterdog on our honeymoon and many times later with our children at different growing-up stages & now the two of us again.

Waterdog isn’t glorious as she has been in past visits. The leaves by the lake are green & brown – don’t think they’ll turn pretty this season. They got too cold too quickly the other day when we got a very cold snap – still pretty but not gorgeous.

I have dreamy pictures of Waterdog with yellow aspen reflected in blue water ~ also with snow & pine trees & that sapphire sky & water ~ the kind of pictures that can be turned either way ~ but not this year. This isn’t Disneyland. The hike was gorgeous & hard. Today we are stiff & sore. Why do we do it? If you need to ask it cannot be explained sufficiently. We are planning to hike Crystal Peak within a week. It will be harder & longer & even more spectacular & unique.

Is happiness catching?

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Research shows that happiness isn’t just an individual phenomenon; we can catch happiness like an emotional virus.

I’ve seen this in action!

I come to work – the store these days – ready to work in a very cheery mood. People come up here for the inspiring nature & you don’t have to go looking for it – inspiring nature surrounds us in Lake City, CO.

In my excited happy demeanor I greet folks & ask how they are doing – most grin & reply in kind – just great! & you?

Fantastic! It’s a rule up here – you’re only allowed to be doing great! They laugh & we may talk – usually about the simple joys of nature

A few folks may say – ok –

To which I reply- Up here!? Just OK? & they laugh & their outlook improves.

I have been told that I am very kind – people say they like my attitude – that I am the most uplifting person that they have come across.

Most of the folks who visit are on vacation & they deserve to have as happy a stay as possible – but technically, we all are here for a brief stay & might as well be cheery & inspiring & uplifting as not!

Being a helper

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Remember how much happiness you got out of being a helper in elementary school?

Indeed, there is such joy in helping ~ such delight in offering kindness & in sharing helpful information & it is catching!

I am working in a store for the summer so I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help people all the time. Today I was privileged to listen to an elderly man’s story as he shared about recycling that happened long ago. He spoke as if he was recovering from a stroke but he held court as he told his tale & respectfully every customer paid attention!

A friend picked me up from work & bought us coffee at the local shop. We talked & talked & laughed & giggled & shared helpful healthy hints & suddenly realized that the place was empty of customers & the shop keeper was cleaning up!

He saw us having a good visit & didn’t interrupt us just because he was closing up!

Checking my e-mail I found thank-yous & appreciations which led to me sharing even more helpful information…

Picking up on a lonely neighbor’s request for us to get together has led to the start of a friendship between that neighbor & another & has led to more interaction among several of us neighbors!

Life is good ~ & it’s even better when you are a helper!

3 things

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Unexpected happy morning phone call from my daughter ~
Rain ~ makes the mountain air so sweet you can taste the sweetness ~
Having work & free time ~ having balance ~
A crackling fire in the fireplace ~
Ah! That’s 4! Life is good!

work for pay

Monday, September 7th, 2009

It may seem too obvious to state but there is something very encouraging about being offered work for pay ~

My husband & I volunteer all the time & brought our kids up that way – to give back to the community,however to know that you have a skill or service or item that people are willing to exchange money for is…well…encouraging.