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The Kindness of Strangers

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

At church yesterday I was thinking how special it would be, how memorable, to be asked to bring up the bread and wine on Caleb’s birthday…and OMG…we were asked!

There was a couple sitting a few rows in front of us with a baby. We had to pass right by them when we brought the gifts up to the altar. After church I went up to the woman holding the baby and introduced myself. I explained that my husband’s and my first grandchild had been born today and that he lives far away and that my arms ache to hold a baby…she was so kind. She then simply gave me her baby to hold for awhile ~

Blessed be the kindness of strangers.

A Heavenly Blessing

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Caleb Bruce was born early this morning ~ with the Super Moon ~ a Heavenly Blessing ~ Today is Caleb’s birthday!

After Caleb Bruce was born (not long after midnight) David Bruce called me while Julia was trying to get the baby to nurse. Shortly after I hung up with David the phone rang again. It was Elizabeth. She was close to tears. She had just hung up with her brother. “Caleb Bruce’ she said, “What a beautiful, strong name and what a tribute to you and dad that David picked a biblical name and continued on with the ‘Bruce’.”

I walked outside, Baby Joy (our 10 month old sheltie) followed and I watched the super moon sail in and out of the clouds as Elizabeth and I celebrated the birth of Caleb Bruce ~

More details to come!

A Little Coat

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A Little Coat

Soon, this month, my son and daughter-in-law will have their first child, our first grandchild (A boy! My son will have a son!) I have been having so much fun going through my son’s baby clothes and blankets. I found the most beautiful baby coat that my husband’s parents bought for our son. He wore it at 12-18 months of age. It is tan with a matching cap, lined and double breasted with leather buttons, really beautiful.

Twenty-seven or so years ago I had my baby boy’s picture made wearing that little coat and cap with Summer, our Lassie-looking sheltie. Summer stood at attention by her baby master’s side. A boy and his dog…The photograph was so adorable that the photographer asked to use it in a newspaper advertisement. 

Summer use to lick our son’s and daughter’s heads until their little baby hair was wet. Both children learned how to pull up on Summer as she stood stoic, knowing that they did not mean to hurt. Children and dogs help make a house a home…

Memories…when it comes down to it our memories and our relationships are all we really have in life…spend time wisely making good ones…

The cap and coat needed washing, ironing and a bit of mending in the seams. I do not sew at all and iron almost as frequently. I didn’t want to permanently damage the precious little coat. My dearest girlfriend Amy helped me. I made a package of freshly washed, classic baby blankets and clothes, including the little coat which I had lovingly hand washed and dried on the clothes line. My son called this weekend. The package had arrived. He thanked me and said that they will enjoy using everything but that they especially liked the little coat.

Peaceful Parenting

Sunday, March 13th, 2011


This Worked for Us, a memoir about raising exceptional children, will be on e-books, by HBS Publishing, in May 2011.

From all that I have been through with parenting, as well as my observations, I would say that the most important things we did were having a loving, mostly peaceful family (father and mother happily intact) with a balanced lifestyle of hard work and vacations and of structure and free time.

As parents we were also smart enough to make changes when we were overloaded. For example, when both son and daughter played soccer, the two games and four practices each week began to overload our family so that my husband finally said, “Enough!” and I heartily agreed; even though the kids were having fun and daughter was a star player. This was one of many good decisions.

Balance is a vital key to a peaceful, happy and healthy life and in raising exceptional children.