Nuns on Oprah


“If you don’t believe in something greater than yourself you won’t do anything greater than yourself.”

This is a quote from a nun on Oprah. I seldom watch TV and even more rarely daytime television but I happened to be home when this was on and had heard about it. Having been raised Catholic and once upon a time wanting to be a nun (as perhaps most little Catholic girls) I wanted to watch.

I’d like to think that nuns actively do what the rest of us (Christians / spiritual people) claim and that is constantly growing to better ourselves as to the kind of individual we are…

What is the point of life if we are not constantly making that effort ~ activity moving forward in life ~ not with career or possessions but in improving the kind of person we are. I feel like my daughter genuinely does this more than any other single person I know.

My daughter does the kind of work the nuns do. Elizabeth graduated from Rice University at 20 years-old with a double major and being bilingual. She has done a number of different things including teaching for the exceptional program Teach For America. She is now finishing up her 1st year of a 2 year program at Brandeis University. The program is a Masters of Sustainable International Development.  The degree will credential her to run programs to improve the quality of life in developing countries and work for organizations like the State Department and the United Nations.

I believe that her dad and I were her sparks.

Let us go forward and make it an exceptionally good day always working hard on self improvement ~ have people leave our home, our presence, feeling better for having been with us ~ through God all things are possible ~ Peace be with you ~


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