Ten days ago was my birthday & it was fun & filled with many remembrances! I haven’t been in from Austin, Texas a week yet (was there last Wed. – Sun.) as our daughter asked me to come spend my birthday with her. Austin is ok for a bit but Austin just really, really makes me so grateful for where we live up in the mountains in a little town all over again as there are too many people, with too much traffic and too much noise, polluted air, and so on but it was good to be with our daughter!

Elizabeth & I talked & talked & played mini golf, walked the 4 mile trail twice talking, bicycled, cooked, watched movies, ate out, got coffee, saw her school, went to a sculpture garden & a book store which was a treat for me! Yeah, really the best celebration is having fully independent grown kids who make us proud & want to spend time with us & treat us ~

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