Real love stories


Prince William and his bride Kate have captured most of the free world with their love story.  To me, much more than a commoner marrying a prince gives their story the charm of a fairytale. Though their wedding ceremony and celebration looked like a magical fairytale, with all the pomp and pageantry of a story book, real life magic is made of our own doing. Because this couple had been almost consistently happily together as a pair for a decade before their marriage, they are indeed a real life love story. These two people seem to be going into their marriage with their eyes as wide open as is possible.

Though, living together before marriage is not the same as being married any more than being the prince’s girlfriend is just like being his wife. Expectations are quite different before and after being wedded and Kate couldn’t really know if she was going to marry Will until they announced their engagement to the world.

I speak from experience when I say that a happy marriage does indeed have some magic and that day to day life, with others letting us know that we are not meeting their expectations, has its heartache. However most assuredly two are better than one and being long time good friends who take pleasure in each other’s company, is a good recipe for a joyful marriage.

What I find sadly ridiculous are the reality shows where people seem to think they are actually going to find true-love, their glamorous real life prince or princess is there to be found on the set of a television show. A television program with the artificial setting of exotic locations and hair, make-up and wardrobe people is most assuredly not the place to find real long-lasting love, any more than a bar is because real love stories are made up of good friends who gradually become lovers over a long period of time. Real love stories never have endings.

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