Rain! Glorious Rain!


Oh this is so lovely! Not since February’s snow had we had any precipitation until three Sundays ago. This is our third Sunday of rain – today, Easter and the Sunday before last it rained! It is a chilly 48 – delightful for all of us (except of course – poor Spring, our gorgeous but needy sheltie who is terrified of thunder.)

April is normally one of our wettest months but the drought changed that this year. Today is May 1st.

Instead of being in the country in Texas I feel like I’m at the beach or up in the mountains on a rainy early spring morning…I’ve flip-flops on with a man’s heavy sweater, sipping coffee and watching the rain in awe like the wonder that it is.

Lots of glorious runoff!!! Up goes our pond! Filling up….happy fish, ducks, egret, turtles…people!

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