live all days of your life

I remember when as a little girl I first realized that I was going to die. It was scary to me. I talked about how I was feeling with my favorite babysitter. I didn’t talk about it with my mom. I never talked about anything with my dad.

At 54 my body tells me everyday that I am getting old but rather than get depressed about aging or mortality, about something I can’t do anything about, I TRY harder to live up to my favorite axiom:  “May you live all the days of your life” J. Swift 

When life goes from hard to harder I TRY to work on what is most important to me. I think that with all that’s going on with Japan and Libya and other people’s injustices and suffering I can be thankful for my own problems (be them unwarranted)

Life goes on weather we are living it or not.


I prayed

I walked the dogs with my husband in the cool of the morning

I then road my bicycle 6 ½ miles

I read

I sent an e-mail query to an agent

I printed up a book proposal to an agent to mail tomorrow

I asked for a book review for a celebrity

I ate lunch with my husband in the sunroom & read out loud from inspirational books & later wash the dishes by hand

I e-mailed with my son

I put a photo of my son holding his infant son in a magnetic frame on the refrigerator

I ate lemon yogurt for a snack

I just checked with my husband about our plans to spend the late afternoon together

3 things

My husband

My health

My first grandchild


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